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NO, NO and NO!   An escort service provider in Paris is NOT a prostitute.

Unfortunately, these days the term 'escort' has often become a synonymous with a prostitution. What is worst is that the term high class escort or VIP escort has become a cliché. The truth is that there are huge differences between the two service types (escorting vs. prostitution) and there are even greater differences between escorts and prostitutes. For the most part the term “escorting” has become the cover terminology for a prostitution in Paris, and in many countries where prostitution or offering sexual favors in exchange for money is criminalized and hence an illegal activity.

Escorting on the other hand is a legal service that can be freely 
practiced as long as no sexual activity is offered in exchange for monetary benefits. To take advantage of this legal loophole many sex workers declare themselves as escorts.

definition a prostitution means the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

In contrast, an 
escort is an adult entertainer who is compensated for her or his time and companionship.

Furthermore, an escort is booked by a client to accompany him to a social gathering, to a business meeting or leisure dinner. An escort may often be booked as a guide if there is an international traveler coming to her home city and he is new to town. In case of escorting sexual activity may or may not be part of a date but this activity is not in exchange for money but rather a personal choice between two or more consenting adults of a legal age.

Now, understanding the difference between escort services vs. prostitution is imperative in order to understand what high class or VIP escorting really means. In high class escorting service you are dealing with companions who are of great class and elegance, who are well educated, smart and well mannered, who are intelligent, well read and well traveled, and who can easily carry a conversation on any topic including politics, business or the arts. These ladies are above and beyond your average woman who may offer sexual services but is unable to hold her own in an exquisite setting. It has unfortunately become all too often the case that women offering prostitution services declare themselves as high class or VIP escorts when they clearly do not meet the above listed criteria. This has lead to the devaluing of high class escorting where clients cannot be certain of the caliber of service they will receive.

 we take pride in the fact that we are not engaged in soliciting of sexual activities. Companions offer a genuine escort service to a high caliber gentleman. Companions presented must fulfill all the requirements of high class escorting to the fullest in all aspects. When you book an escort in Paris you can be certain that you will meet a high class companion who will accompany you to your business or leisure activities and whom you will be able to spend an unforgettable time with in the beautiful city of Paris.

Our perception of it all is that a legal escort service in Paris, and in general has become exploited for (i)legal prostitution activity. 

Is escort service a legitimate service? Yes!

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