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Being an escort girl in Paris is not only glamorous and exciting but it is also a profession that requires diligence. While most clients are polite and well mannered who know how to treat a lady; unfortunately in rare cases you may come across a client whose behavior may not be acceptable or who you may find to be threatening for your life. Paris is an international hub and a big city. Therefore it is even more wise to be careful when opening a door to a total stranger.

Another factor influencing the increase of crime in Paris, also that comitted against an escort girl,  is economic crisis.

Knowing how to protect yourself can mean the difference between getting into dangerous situations versus avoiding these situations entirely. You may have all heard about stories where escort girl have gotten into uncomfortable situations where a client have acted threatening towards her or may have out right committed crimes against her.

Recently, an incall date in Paris has ended in near tragedy where a client, unknown to his escort girl, came to her home with 5 of other men, his accomplices who attacked the girl, tied her up, and robbed her apartment. In this case the escort was fairly lucky as she was not physically harmed; however, this attack could have easily ended in tragedy if the attackers would have had other intentions besides robbery. The immediate dangers of being attacked in your home may be more apparent but there may be other dangers as well when you allow yourself to be exposed to your clients. During an outcall date you can easily preserve your private identity which not only allows you to protect your private life but also protects you from clients whom you do not wish to start or continue a relationship with. In case of incall dates you expose your private life to a certain degree which may make you a target to stalkers or clients who may not take no for an answer. In some cases infatuations with an escort may be innocent but in certain cases they can lead to life threatening situations. Here at we promote safety beyond all for our lovely companions. 

If you are an escort girl in Paris who would like to host a new client in the privacy of your home, then you should consider a prior screening of that person. You should understand that you are opening the doors of your home to a total stranger. You never know what the intentions of that person may be!

How can an escort girl in Paris screen a client prior to a date?

Here are a few tips to take to heart when you are receiving a total stranger in your home:

  1. It is strongly recommended that you meet a client for the first time in a neutral place such as hotel. If this is not an option for you and your date, then you should use the same system as hotels use when you are doing a check in. You should meet your potential client in a nearby public place like a bar or hotel and ask him for his ID. You need to know who the person is. Of course you should ask your client to bring his documents with him for the meeting when you first talk to him on the phone or exchange e-mails. If his intentions are malicious he will never accept your terms and you will avoid a dangerous situation as an incall escort girl in Paris. If he starts to find excuses of him wanting to stay discreet then suggest to him to book a hotel room as the place for your date where the two of you can meet safely. Never put your life in danger as no financial gain is worth the risk. As an escort girl in Paris you should always keep in mind that you are meeting a complete stranger who may or may not have the best of intentions.
  2. If you live in an apartment style building where many people live but your building doesn't have a doorman, you should always go down to meet your client at the entrance of your building and personally bring your client to your apartment. This way you can be certain that you opened the door to just one person which is easier to control/manage in an unwelcomed situation. However, you should be aware that it is still not a 100% certain that you are fully protected. A client with criminal intentions may attack you later, once you’ve reached your home, and open the door to his accomplices once you are not able to call for help.
  3. Never keep large sums of money in your home! In the recent escort attack in Paris as the 'Le Parisienreports 5000 EUR of cash was taken along with valuable jewelry. It is best to keep all your money and valuables in a bank away from your home where strangers may get easy access.
  4. It is also a wise idea to have a security alarm or hidden camera installed in your home which can be activated if you need help and which may serve as evidence in case you have been attacked.
  5. However, it should be kept in mind that the best way to protect yourself is to allow only those clients to visit your home who you have previously met on an earlier date or who you have adequately screened for safety. It is best to meet all your first time clients at an independent location such as a well known hotel. After you have collected the person’s full name and have checked with hotel reception that this person has a valid check in to the hotel you can be certain that at least his identity may be tracked. The next time you meet this client he will be your regular and so you can more safely allow him to visit your apartment. A client who willingly provides his true identity is less likely to behave inappropriately or cause problems.


Having said all this, it is important to mention that meeting unknown clients is never truly safe. It is best to listen to common sense and your instincts when meeting clients for the first time. If you find anything suspicious about your potential client or you feel at unease about something, chances are that you are right.

Women do have a natural instinct to sense danger before it comes. We may not always listen to it in the hopes of potential gains; however, this is one situation where monetary benefits may indeed be less important than your safety and well being. Either being on an outcall date or welcoming an incall date always be diligent and protect yourself. Your clients should receive the best of your services; however, they should never know your true identity and personal details of your life. The more you can protect your real life the safer you will be. therefore encourage all ladies to be safe in order to be happy.

Escort girl in Paris is the easiest target if she is opening the door to a total stranger. Luckily the girl attacked didn't pay with her life. Having this in your mind, do never an incall if you don't know the client from before!



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